"Just be fucking honest about how you feel about people while you’re alive."
— John Mayer (via mae-que-chivaaa)

Sorry about the hiatus! I sort of fell off the wagon here for a minute, but I plan to return! I’m looking into getting Photoshop or some sort of photo editing software, so I can start making bandom graphics — Though I know little to nothing about Photoshop or which sort of photo editing software is the better choice to use. So if any of you can offer some direction as to which editor is best to use, I’d appreciate it!:)

John Mayer - Reasons Why We ℒℴvℯ Him. 

…. I’m a mess of unfinished thoughts….John Mayer.

…. I’m a mess of unfinished thoughts….
John Mayer.


New content from the Fuse interview, back in 2009, he talks about his tattoos, particularly the full sleeve.

Rock In Rio, Sep 21. 


Road Session No. 11 comes from JM’s shows in Brazil. Two very epic nights.

Spotify’s The Drop



We’ve teamed up with Spotify & The Drop to give you some sneak peaks into Paradise Valley before it drops next Tuesday. Today you can catch a live recording of “Wildfire” from Red Rocks here.

6 days

iTunes Pre-Stream: Paradise Valley



Paradise Valley is almost here!! Head over to iTunes now for an exclusive listen to the entire album before it’s available on 08.20.13.